Installing Wall Trim on the Ceiling

Installing Wall Trim on the Ceiling

This project adds an inexpensive ceiling trim to create a unique accent for any room.

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Pneumatic nail gun
18-gauge finishing nails
Measuring tape
Power-grab construction adhesive
Air compressor
(4) 8' panel trim (lightweight foam)
(4) 7' panel trim (lightweight foam)
(4) 5” corner trim (lightweight foam, optional)
Protective eye gear

Note: This project is a two-or-more-person job.


1. For this project, the ceiling trim will be 40" from the walls, but for any room just make sure to align the middle of the ceiling panel to the middle of the room – in this case, the center is 40" inward. Start by building the outer layer of the ceiling trim, which will be the 8' panel trim. Apply small dots of power-grab construction adhesive along one of the 8ft panels as shown below

Carpentry Tip: Applying little dabs of glue instead of a line will help prevent glue from squeezing out when pressure is applied

2. Using a ladder, apply the glued panel to the ceiling and use the tape measure to make sure both ends and middle are 40” from the wall. The construction adhesive dries quickly, so make sure to apply it to the ceiling as soon as you can

3. Secure with the 18-gauge finishing nails and the pneumatic nail gun, making sure to insert the nails in a zigzag formation and on the sides of the trim, never in the middle. This will guarantee that the nail is entering the ceiling and not just penetrating the trim

4. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for the three other 8' panel trim pieces to make a perfect square on the ceiling

5. The inner trim will be exactly 4" apart from the outer trim. Start by applying glue to the 5" corner trim in small dabs and adhere it to the ceiling 4" away from the outer trim corner. Secure with the finishing nails in a zigzag formation

Carpentry Tip: Use a ruler or a spacer to help you quickly measure 4" from the outer trim. A spacer is a scrap piece of wood or foam trim cut to exactly 4” so you can quickly measure the exact distance

6. Repeat step 5 for the remaining corners

7. Dab the glue on one of the 7' trim panels and insert it in between two corner trim pieces so it looks like one fluid piece. Secure with the finishing nails and make sure to use the spacer for the ends and middle of the panel so it’s a consistent 4" apart from the outer trim

8. Repeat for the remaining three 7' panels

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