Jennifer Farrell’s Striping Technique

Jennifer Farrell’s Striping Technique

Use designer Jennifer Farrell’s simple ways to add stripes to your home décor.

5 col

Painters tape in different widths
Different colors of water-based house paint
6 paint brushes



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  1. Remove any drawers and handle hardware from furniture. Paint the entire piece one solid color. Let dry.
  2. Start on one side and edge of the furniture. Pick any width of tape and apply one long strip on the face of the furniture, 1” in from the edge. Smooth the tape out so that no paint bleeds underneath the strip.
  3. Apply a series of tape strips in different widths across the surface of the side table, keeping all your lines parallel to the edge of the furniture.
  4. Start with one paint color, and apply a thick coat of paint to one stripe in between tapelines. Pick another color and apply a thick coat to another stripe. Continue painting with a variety of colors until your strips are all painted.
  5. Move to the drawer fronts and paint those stripes, matching up the colors and stripes accordingly to the main furniture piece.
  6. When the paint begins to dry, carefully remove the tape stripes. Do not wait until the paint is completely dry as the tape may peel the paint off unevenly and cause chipping.
  7. Reattach the hardware and put any drawers back in the furniture once the paint is fully dry.

Tip: Use a ruler to measure the distance of the strip from the edge of the furniture to ensure your line is straight.

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