Juju Hat Wall Decoration

Juju Hat Wall Decoration

Fluff up your wall with designer Kim Myles’ simple instructions for a decorative juju hat.

5 col

Cardboard 37” by 37”
1 screw – medium length
Hot glue gun
Interior gloss paint in a color of your choosing
Decorative feathers (large preassembled bundle of 12-inch feathers and small 2-inch feathers)
High tack craft glue
Paper plate


  1. Use a ruler to find the center point of the cardboard and make a mark
  2. Take your pen and tie a string to it. Tie the other end of the string to the head of the screw. Measure the string between the pen and the screw and make sure it is 18-inches long
  3. Hold the screw in the center mark on the cardboard, pull the string tight with the pen, and rotate the pen around the center point to draw a perfect circle
  4. Cut out the circle
  5. Make a straight line using a ruler from the center point to the edge of your circle (should be 18 inches). Cut along that line using scissors
  6. At the cut you just made, overlap the cardboard by pulling one side of the cut underneath the other side of the cut. The overlap should be about 5 inches. Use hot glue to secure the overlap together to make a cone shape
  7. Use the interior gloss paint and a paintbrush to paint the cone the color of your choosing — we chose white. Allow the paint to dry
  8. Choose a pattern for your large feathers (we chose a star pattern)
  9. Use your hot glue gun to glue your large feathers from the outside of the cone in. Allow your feathers to hang an inch over the edge of the cone. Continue gluing inward for your desired pattern. By gluing inward, you will get a nice overlapping effect


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  1. Next, pour out some high tact craft glue onto a paper plate
  2. Dip the tip of the small 2-inch feathers, one at a time, into the glue and place them in the cone to fill in the empty spaces. Glue them starting from the outside moving in

  1. To hang on the wall, hot glue a piece of string across the back and hang it on a nail

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