Kenneth Wingard Discusses Wipe Boards

Kenneth Wingard Discusses Wipe Boards

Design expert Kenneth Wingard discusses how wipe boards aren’t a thing of the past.

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I distinctly remember getting the first tour of my college campus and being totally impressed by these boards that everyone had on their dorm doors. They were white and people were writing all over them with magic marker – leaving what I thought were ultimately cool messages like, “see you in the dining hall.” What I found even cooler was that with a quick wipe of an eraser all the magic marker disappeared! Wow! What is this, some new technology?

Well, time has passed and my love of the white wipe board has indeed faded. However, my love of the usefulness of the piece has endured.


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No yellow stickies everywhere, no wastefulness of a hundred pads of paper, it’s the ultimate in green. And when your phone battery dies and with it your electronic to-do list, the trusty wipe board is still there faithfully leading the way. So the only problem is the 8x10 glossy white board part.

Well, in this week’s episode of Home Made Simple I give my trusty college friend a makeover to bring it into this century and into our homes. An oversized version that is as useful as it is chic…and did I mention that it can match any decor? All it takes is a piece of acrylic glass, a favorite wallpaper and a flat piece of wood. Intrigued? Tune in and I’ll show you the details! 

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