Kenneth Wingard’s 4 DIY Gift Wrapping Embellishments

Kenneth Wingard’s 4 DIY Gift Wrapping Embellishments

Design expert Kenneth Wingard gives you 4 easy, creative ways to spruce up your gifts.

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Blame it on the packages my father would send to my mother and me when he was stationed overseas. I have always had a thing for brown paper packages tied up with string. Perhaps it’s that the gift inside the box that’s luxuriously wrapped in gilded paper with a velvet ribbon has little chance of ever living up to the wrapping job. Brown paper packages, however, they’re a whole different story. They often under promise and over deliver — an admirable skill. So in honor of the humble roll of brown butcher paper (or grocery bag turned inside out) and ball of string, here are four ways to dress up gift giving. 

1. Feather In Your Hat
Simply cut a feather out of a piece of cardboard (or construction paper), make a few notches in it for realism, write out your message and tuck it in the string.

2. Seeing Spots
Cut circles from whatever’s handy (I used red felt) and string it onto the twine before wrapping it around the package.


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3. It’s Black and White
Add a bit of color to the brown paper by layering a piece of burlap or other scrap fabric on top.  Hold it in place with your string and tuck in a photo or holiday card to personalize it.

4. Heart On Your Sleeve
Create some dimension by adding a strip of wax paper. Take it off the roll and fold it in half lengthwise. Add a hefty piece of string and a gold heart. Make your heart by cutting it from a box top, spraying it with adhesive and covering with glitter.

For more of Kenneth's holiday ideas, visit his blog.

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