Kenneth Wingard's Multi-Use Furniture Ideas

Kenneth Wingard's Multi-Use Furniture Ideas

Design expert Kenneth Wingard discusses getting the most out of your furniture.

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Two uses are definitely better than one, and don’t even get me started on three and four.  When space is limited, multi-function pieces and spaces are key for getting the most out of your home. This can be on a small, individual item scale – an ottoman that houses magazines, a hallway bench that holds mud boots underneath, a bathroom mirror with built-in shelves for toiletries. It can be on a medium scale – a sofa table that doubles as a sewing station or an armoire that holds books and stereo equipment. Or on a large scale – the modular sofa that turns the TV room into an extra bedroom, or the old school Murphy bed.  However, when you combine all three scales, you can really start to transform rooms into truly multi-use spaces that can double, or triple, their usefulness.

In this weeks episode of Home Made Simple I was able to do just that. An outdoor space that needed to function as an office and family space called for the ultimate in multi-function.


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I was able to create furniture that doubled as storage and an outdoor office that transformed into family entertaining space. The key was using both multi-functional pieces (those that performed more than one duty) and modular pieces (pieces that can be re-arranged to suit different functions). All were either easily built from scratch or repurposed from existing pieces.

All in all it shows ­– two are definitely better than one.

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