Key, Mail and Photo Organizer

Key, Mail and Photo Organizer

Create a sleek wall organizer to keep your mail, keys and photos in one convenient spot.

5 col


Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) (pre-painted)
Magnetic metallic board
Corkboard (spray-painted white)
Key holder
Industrial adhesive
Pencil or marker
1½" Self-tapping screws
1½" Nails
Mail slot


1. Mark where the metallic board will be screwed into the MDF. Our board is about ½" in from the edge on each side

2. Flip the boards over, holding the metallic board securely in place so it does not move. Secure the boards together using a drill and self-tapping screws

3. Add the industrial adhesive to the corkboard around the perimeter and in a big “X” in the middle. Secure the corkboard to the metallic board

4. Measure where the mail slot should go, and mark using a pencil or marker. It should be placed in the middle of the board, equally distant from each edge

5. Predrill holes for the mail slot before securing with self-tapping screws

6. Measure the area to center the key holder on the metallic board. Secure the key holder using the drill and self-tapping screws

7. Decorate with magnets and photos



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