Key Memories Picture Frame

Take a plain old digital picture frame and turn it into a functional key holder!

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

5” x 7” Digital photo frame with pre-loaded images
5” x 7” Wooden wall frame
Acrylic spray paint – color of choice
(4) Self-tapping 1” cup hooks
(2) Picture hanging hooks
(4) 1/2” Wood screws
Drill with a Phillips head bit
Glue gun with glue sticks


1. Put on a facemask. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the wooden frame the color of your choice. Allow the paint to dry for 2-4 hours or until dry to the touch before moving onto the next step (See image below)


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2. Screw four self-tapping 1” cup hooks along one long side of the frame, eyeballing their placement. This will be the bottom of the frame (See images below)

3. Turn the frame over. Place a picture-hanging hook in the top right and left hand corner of the frame. Secure in place using a drill with a Phillips head bit and (2) 1/2” wood screws per hook (See images below)

4. To attach the digital picture frame to the wood frame, apply a thick line of hot glue from the glue gun around the back opening of the wood frame. Press the digital frame onto the wood frame (See images below)

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