kids artwork on wall with pompom garland

Kids’ Pop-Art Paint Project

Harness your kids’ creativity with a colorful, painted art project you can create together.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Stencils, hand tools, dolls or other kid-friendly object
Acrylic paint
Heavyweight paper


1. Lightly center a hand tool, stencil, doll or other kid-friendly object on paper and trace it with a pencil

2. Select one color to paint the inside of the traced object
3. Select a different color to paint the outside of the traced object

Designer Tip: There is no right or wrong way to paint these objects! It’s OK to use multiple colors in any area

4. Let the paint dry completely, and then outline the center object with a contrasting color to give it more definition. Add any other details you feel comfortable drawing

5. For a more personal touch, add handwritten notes to the background of the art piece

6. Hang with bulldog clips to display



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