Kitchen Cabinet Window Seat

Kitchen Cabinet Window Seat

Create seating, storage and a fresh pop of color for an unused window space.

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Difficulty: Advanced

Pre-assembled 2x4 cross support cut to width length of cabinet (30”x12”)
(4) Wood kitchen upper cabinets (30” W x 12 deep x 15” tall)
Shims (Use as many as needed to fill gaps at the back of cabinets when screwing together)
Speed square clamps
Drill with #2 tip and screws
(36) Wood screws (1½” and 1¼”)
Semi-gloss paint
2” brushes

Materials for Cushion:
Upholstery fabric (34”x16”)
4” Foam upholstery batting fabric (34”x16”)
8’ FoamScissors
Staple gun
Staples (with serrated staples ¼”)


Preparing the Base and Support:

  1. Place the cabinets on top of the pre-assembled cross support on a flat surface
  1. Secure the cabinets together with metal clamps, and prepare to drill

  1. With the cabinet clamped at the front, fill the gap at the back with 2 shims clasped together to ensure the cabinet is solid

  1. Secure the cabinets together through the side walls and to the cross support base, making it all one unit. Use 1¼-inch screws, not any longer than the width of the cabinet


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  1. Paint the cabinets with the foam roller starting in the center and working out. Set aside for 1 hour while paint dries

Creating the Cushion:

  1. On a flat surface, layer the fabric print side down, then the batting, foam and plywood board on top

  1. Use fabric scissors to cut the fabric around the foam and board leaving 2 inches on all sides when folded up and over the back
  1. Fold the fabric and batting up and over the foam and plywood until it is taut

  1. Staple the fabric and batting onto the plywood board with no more than 6 inches between staples. Start in the center of a long side, and work out, leaving the corners last. Fold the corners like a gift and staple. Cut any excess foam and fabric before folding and stapling the corners

Expert Tip: Be sure to staple side-to-side as you go, to ensure the fabric is tight.

  1. Once upholstered, center the top on the cabinets and secure with screws from the inside, screwing up through the cabinet and into the top. Be sure the screws are not longer than the wood to prevent feeling them through the foam cushion

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