Kitchen Cabinets Storage Wall

Kitchen Cabinets Storage Wall

This project repurposes kitchen cabinets in the office to give you more space and organization.

5 col

Difficulty: Hard

Various sizes of kitchen cabinets from a big box store
Chalkboard paint
Paint brushes
Drill gun
Screw gun
3” cabinet screws
1/2” screws
Tape measure
Painter’s tape
Stud finder
Sand paper


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  1. Measure and configure cabinet placement to get desired storage wall. Mark with painter’s tape on wall
    TIP: Configure on the floor, mimicking the design to be placed on the wall.
  2. Use the stud finder to find where to drill the cabinets in the wall
  3. Screw cabinets into wall using 3” screws
  4. Use 1/2” screws and clamps to secure cabinets to each other
  5. Use sand paper to sand down doors
  6. Paint doors. When using chalkboard paint, follow manufacturer’s instructions for ventilation
  7. Install doors

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