Kitchen Tablecloth Rug

Kitchen Tablecloth Rug

Home Made Simple designer Kenneth Wingard makes a creative rug from tablecloths.

5 col

Tablecloth (no specific fabric of cloth required)
Rubber mat
Spray glue
Paint tray
Foam paint roller


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  1. Cut rubber mat as needed to match the size of the tablecloth
  2. Lay rubber mat on flat surface
  3. Lay tablecloth backside up on top of rubber mat
  4. Spray glue the entire back of the table cloth (don’t spray glue rubber mat because it is perforated)
  5. Flip tablecloth right side up and secure it to the rubber mat. Let dry for 30 minutes (follow glue manufacturer’s instructions for dry time)
  6. Using the foam paint roller, apply several coats of polyurethane to the top of the rug. Let dry for 24 hours (follow polyurethane manufacturer’s instructions for dry time)

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