Lampshade Pendant

Lampshade Pendant

Create a unique yet simple lighting option with two lampshades and some decorative trim.

5 col


(2) lampshades (makes 1 pendant)
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
LED warm white light bulb
Thin-gauge wire
15' porcelain pendant light cord set
Needle-nose pliers
1" fabric trim
15' thin gold chain


1. Wrap the thin gold chain around the 15' light cord. Pry open the end link of the chain with the needle-nose pliers, wrap it around the end of the cord, and then use the pliers to close the link

2. Insert the thin-gauge wire through the small opening in the bulb socket

3. Insert the socket through the top of the lampshade, and twist-tie the bottom chain link to the inner lampshade support. Add more thin-gauge wire as needed for additional support. Remember: It doesn’t need to look pretty because it will never be seen

4. Screw the LED warm light bulb into the socket

5. Now it’s time to glue! Heat up your hot glue gun, and apply glue around the bottom rim of the lampshade

6. Attach the second lampshade, rim to rim, making sure the seams line up with each other

7. Let the glue dry for a few minutes. Then glue the 1" fabric trim onto the seam where the two shades meet, as shown

8. Cut off the excess trim and let the glue dry



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@Linda - Glad we could help, Linda! Let us know if you end up making these lamps yourself. We'd love to see how they turn out!

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Beautiful lamps, just what I need in my bedroom

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