Living Succulents Wall

Living Succulents Wall

A living wall of succulents is created as an art piece that extends the living room to the outside patio.

5 col

Difficulty: Hard

(2) 8’ 1”x4” wood
(2) 3’ 1”x4” wood
(4) 94 1/2” 1”x4” wood
(126) 2 1/2” wood screws
**3’ x 8’ Luan wood backboard
(**Luan size is important to cover the entire frame)
Wood glue
Chalk box (string with chalk dust)
Drill gun
Screw gun
Staple gun
Chicken wire
Cactus and Palm soil for succulents
Succulents (plants)
Moss (to provide structure until plants grow roots)
(8) 4” Spacers (conduit metal tube for electrical wire, cut to desired size)
(8) 6” Screws
Socket wrench


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Preparing the Frames:

  1. Lay the 3’x 8’ 1/4” Luan wood backboard on a table. Arrange the (2) 8’ 1x4” and the (2) 3’ 1x4” on top of the Luan backboard
  2. Building the frame: Use wood glue to hold the corners together. Once the frame is secure, drill the (8) 21/2” wood screws on the ends
  3. After your frame is assembled, arrange the (4) 94 1/4” 1x4” shelves evenly through the frame (7 inches apart) and pre-drill the holes and drill the shelves to the sides with 2 1/2” wood screws (2 screws on each end, 4 per piece of shelf)
  4. Once all the shelves have been properly attached, add wood glue to the whole frame and all the shelves and place the 3’x 8’ 1/4” Luan wood backboard on top to secure
  5. Wait for the wood glue to dry. Once dry, use chalk box (string with chalk dust) to mark the shelves in the back as to know where to screw them in. Simply grab both ends of the string on each side and flick the string. Using a screw gun, screw 2 1/2” wood screws every 6 inches on the shelves and around the entire perimeter of the frame, for a total of 102 2 1/2” wood screws
  6. Now, flip the box frame so the shelves are facing up and fill the spaces with soil until 2/3 full
  7. After filling the box, grab the chicken wire and roll it over the filled box. Once the box is covered with chicken wire, use a staple gun to attach the chicken wire to the wood box. Do it every 6 inches around the entire frame and the shelves as well
  8. Once the chicken wire is fully secured to the box, plant the succulents and moss, filling the box until soil is no longer visible
    Tip: If succulents are too big, simply use a pair of scissors to open some holes in the chicken wire.
  9. To attach the letters, lay them over the planted box, using the bottom shelf to align them. Once all the letters are in place, mark 2 holes on each letter in line with the other shelves, as to drill into wood and not into the soil. Drill all the way down to the wood to secure letters.
  10.  Screw the letters in place using the spacers to give them a floating effect. Use your 4” spacers underneath the letters, and screw the 6” screw through the letters and the spacers and tighten them using a socket wrench
  11.  Putting it up on the corrugated metal wall: Grab a 2” x 2” 8’-long piece of wood and align it with the furring strips on the corrugated wall. Use a level to make sure it is straight. Once straight, use 4” concrete screws every 6 inches to attach it to the wall (for wood wall, use 4” wood screws)
  12.  Place the living succulents wall on top of the 2” x 2” you just attached to the corrugated wall. Align the two (ledge and succulents wall) and drill 3” woodscrews from underneath with a drill gun to secure them together
  13.  After the bottom ledge is secure, add another 2” x 2” 8’-long piece of wood and repeat step 12
  14. Add two more (one on each side) 2” x 2” 3’-long piece of wood and repeat step 12

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