Log Tea Light Candleholder

Log Tea Light Candleholder

Love the rustic look? Make your own log candleholder with these simple instructions.

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This simple and natural project takes a pre-cut tree log and turns it into a rustic tea light candleholder.

Log ­– pre-cut to desired length, 3-inch or wider diameter
(2) 2”x4”x6” scrap wood
(2) Bar clamps
(4) 2-inch wood screws
Small box of 2-inch, high-glass votive tea light candles
Marker pen
1/4-inch drill bit
1 1/4-inch spade drill bit
Phillips head bit


  1. Find or purchase a log that can be set on a flat surface without rolling over

  2. To keep the log steady when you drill holes into it in later steps, place a piece of scrap wood at one end of the pre-cut log and drill two temporary screws though the scrap wood and into the log end. Repeat for the opposite side. Use bar clamps on the scrap wood to secure the log to the worktable


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  1. Place your tea light candles along the log, spacing them as desired. When you are happy with your configuration, lift up each candle and mark an “X” on the log where it was placed. The “X” will be the center of the drill holes

  2. Using a 1/4-inch drill bit, drill a shallow 1/2-inch pilot hole into each “X.” Replace the 1/4-inch drill bit with a 1 1/4-inch spade bit and drill 1-inch-deep holes using the pilot holes as your guides

Tip: Do not drill deeper than 1 inch, otherwise your votive candles will sit too low in the log and pose a fire risk.

  1. Shake the sawdust out of the holes and unscrew the scrap wood from each end. Rest the glass votive tea lights into the drilled holes. The tea lights will sit 1-inch above the log top to minimize fire risk

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