Lounge Area with Personalized Engagement Mural

Lounge Area with Personalized Engagement Mural

This project creates a colorful, personalized area to lounge in an outdoor space.

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Difficulty: Easy

Paint (white and teal)
Painter’s tape
Masking paper
Tape measure
Spray paint (yellow, orange, navy, teal, white)
Removable spray adhesive
Paper letters and numbers
Dust masks
Foam roller
Paint tray

Ledge Stencil Painting

1. Begin by painting the ledge of the lounge space. Use painter’s tape to separate the areas that will not be painted
2. Use paint rollers to paint the ledge of the space with teal paint. Allow to dry for 3 hours
3. Add a design to the ledge using a stencil and the edge of a paint roller. Use painter’s tape to keep the stencil in place. Dab white paint over the entire stencil, and then carefully lift the stencil before placing it in the next location to continue the pattern

4. Allow to dry for 3 hours

Mural Painting
1. Measure a 5" × 35' rectangle on the wall using an angle or level and tape measure

2. Place painter’s tape to identify the perimeter for the mural

3. Seal the edges around the tape with masking paper so the spray paint does not get onto the exterior of the painting

4. Place number coordinate stickers

5. Place the precut masking paper coordinates onto the wall and seal with painter’s tape

6. Put on safety masks before painting and grab towels to wipe the paint if necessary
7. Remove the paper mask from the top half of the rectangle, and spray yellow paint across the top of the paper to start the horizon line of the mural. Leave some room at the top for orange paint

8. Spray orange paint to the very top of your mural, overlapping the yellow paint slightly and leaving space to the left for fuchsia paint

9. Spray fuchsia paint, overlapping the orange paint and saturating over the coordinate stickers for contrast

10. Carefully replace the skyline masking paper to protect the paint, and remove the water line paper mask. Spray teal paint

11. Carefully replace the water line paper mask to protect the paint, remove the land cutout and move perimeter boarder out by 1" to 2"

12. Spray navy paint over the land cutout area

13. Remove all leftover masking paper and number coordinate stickers to reveal the mural

14. Place lounge cushions and pillows as desired

Tip: There is no need to allow dry time before replacing masking paper and painting the next color. Be sure to replace paper securely so the colors do not bleed together.

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