Magnetic Kitchen Organizer

Create your own hidden magnetic organization space inside of a kitchen cabinet.

5 col


Metal steel sheet cut to dimensions of desired cabinet
Spray adhesive
Fabric scissors
Key rail
Glue gun
(6) Wooden clothespins
(2) Metal clothespins
Kitchen cabinet
Pack of small magnets


1. Lay out the fabric across the metal sheet

2. Spray adhesive glue onto the metal sheet and attach the fabric

3. Trim the fabric to the size of the metal sheet, leaving about 1” excess on each side. Cut slits in all four corners to make folding easier


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4. Apply spray adhesive and fold the edges over

5. Spray adhesive on the back of the key rail, flip the metal sheet fabric side up, and attach it to the metal sheet 1 1/2” from the top short edge

6. Use the glue gun to attach one magnet to the back of a clothespin. Repeat until all clothespins have magnets. Place clothes pins on magnetic board

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