Magnetic Wall Word Game

Magnetic Wall Word Game

Use Jennifer Farrells’ instructions to craft a magnetic version of a classic board game.

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12-by- 12-inch square cork tiles (at least 26)
Large letter stencils
Sponge paintbrush
Black satin enamel paint with primer included
Black stick-on numbers
Magnetic paint
Paint roller
Paint pan
Self-adhesive magnetic strip roll
Painter’s tape


  1. Lay out the cork tiles across your work station. You will need at least 26 tiles for each letter of the alphabet. You will also need extra tiles to create duplicates letters. The amount of extra tiles you’ll create is up to you. (We made 32 tiles in total).
  2. Cut the magnetic strips into 10-inch pieces. Peel the backing off of each cut strip and adhere a few to the back of each cork tile, on both the left and right sides, as well as the top and bottom of the tile. See image below. Once all of the tiles have been fitted with magnetic strips, turn them over, magnetic strip-side down.
  3. Place the letter stencils, one per cork tile, centered onto the face of the tiles.
  4. With the stencils placed, paint on the letters using the foam paintbrush and black enamel paint.

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Tip: When painting on stencils, paint from the outside of the stencil toward the inside. This will prevent the paint from seeping under the stencil, giving you clean painted edges.

  1. Once you have painted all of your letters, A through Z, pick a few letters that you feel you will need multiples of, and paint them on the additional cork tiles. Vowels are always good to have multiples of and so are the most common consonants like R, S, C and L. Since you are creating these tiles yourself, you can determine how many of each letter you wish to create.
  2. Once all of the letters have been painted, attach the self-adhesive numbers in the bottom right corner of each tile, assigning values to the letters. Also, see the chart below for a complete list of each letter and their corresponding values.

Chart: A-1, B-3, C-3, D-2, E-1, F-4, G-2, H-4, I-1, J-8, K-5, L-1, M-3, N-1, O-1, P-3, Q-10, R-1, S-1, T-1, U-1, V-4, W-4, X-8, Y-4, Z-10

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