Make a Customized Lampshade

Make a Customized Lampshade

Festive tissue paper dresses up a plain lampshade.

5 col

Use traditional Mexican tissue paper flags, called “papel picado” flags, to create a custom lampshade.

Painter’s tape
Papel picado flags (found online or at a party supply store)
Spray glue


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  1. Take the lampshade and decoratively arrange the papel picado flags. Use painter’s tape to hold the flags in place. Cut off flag excess so that there is a nice fit around the shade.
  2. Remember how the flags are positioned and then gently remove the tape. Find a flat surface where you can apply spray glue, and gently lay the flags down with the backsides facing up. Lightly apply spray glue on one side of each flag.  
  3. Gently pick the flags up and adhere them to the shade in the same position as before. If there are any bumps or bubbles, gently pull the flag back and reposition it.
  4. Repeat with each flag until the lampshade is covered.
  5. Allow time for the glue to dry completely, and return the lampshade to the lamp.

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