Marble and Tea Book Table

Marble and Tea Book Table

This project turns candleholders and a chopping board into a chic end table.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Oversized round marble cheese board – 19” diameter
Round wood disc – 1” x 18” diameter
(3) 20” Wooden pillar candleholders
Drill with Phillips head drill bit and 1/8” drill bit
Wood stain finish – color of your choice
Construction adhesive with dispenser
(12) 1½” Wood screws
Silver leaf rub
Dry rag


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  1. Apply wood stain over one side of the wood disc and around the edges. Wipe off with a dry rag
  2. Turn each candlestick holder upside down so the wide end is at the top. Space them like a triangle and rest the wood disc with the stained side facing down on top. Readjust the candlestick holders so they are evenly spaced beneath the disc (See image below)
  3. Each candlestick holder will be secured to the wood disc with three wood screws spaced in a triangle. Using a drill with a 1/8” drill bit, drill a pilot hole through the top of the wood disc and into a candlestick holder
  4. Secure the wood disc and candlestick holder together using a drill with a Phillips head drill bit and one 1½” wood screw to start (See image below)
  5. Repeat Step 4 for each candlestick holder
  6. Once each candlestick holder has one screw holding them in place, repeat Steps 3 - 4 to add an additional six wood screws in the following triangular configuration (See diagram below)
  7. Apply a line of construction adhesive around the top edge of the disc and then apply a large X in the middle (See image below)
  8. Place the marble cheese board with the bottom side up, then press the wood disc down on top. Allow 24 – 48 hours for the adhesive to set

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