Marble Top Cabinet

Marble Top Cabinet

This project repurposes a used cabinet and gives it an artistic rustic look.

5 col

Difficulty : Medium

Used Cabinet
12x12 Marble Tiles (Qty 8-10)
Tile adhesive
Sanding Paper
Soft rags
Aging Paint
Paint tray
Paint Roller


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  1. Sand down the entire cabinet so that the paint sticks to the wood
  2. Use a rag to clean the saw dust
  3. Using a paint roller, paint the front and sides of the cabinet to give it a rustic barn wood look
  4. Lay out the tiles in desired layout on the top of cabinet. Take photo and remove tiles before applying adhesive
  5. Using a spatula, apply tile adhesive to each individual tile and set in place. Continue until completed
  6. Using a damp rag, clean any excess adhesive

Let dry for 3 hours

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