Marquetry Wall Art

Marquetry Wall Art

This project creates the perfect piece of art for a carpenter.

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Difficulty: Intermediate/Difficult

1" × 28" × 8' particleboard
¼" Lath wood (approx. 80 pieces) cut at 32.5° angle at various lengths
(3) Different types of wood stain (gray, light brown, dark brown)
Pneumatic nail gun
18ga finishing nails
Framing square
Tape measure

Disclaimer: The style of this project is really decided by the creator. You can choose various wood stains or colors, and you can lay out the lath wood in whatever design desired – the steps are merely suggestions. The lath wood has been pre-stained. No number of pieces were stained a certain color – it was ultimately random.

1. Find the center point of the 1" × 28" × 8' particleboard, which is at 4'. Use the framing square and a pencil to draw a straight line in the middle

  1. Move over a desired length whichever direction and mark another straight line. In this case, the designer moved over a foot. Start setting down the ¼" lath stained wood

3. Make sure the distance that you drew out matches with the length of your lath wood for this first portion. Length won’t matter later on. Make sure to mix up the stained or colored wood pieces

4. When laying out your lath pieces, just be aware of lining the 32.5° angle pieces in the same direction when working out a pattern

5. Little by little, start inserting the 18ga finish nails with the pneumatic nail gun. These pieces of wood are pretty light, so they only need about 2 nails (1 on each side)

6. Continue to lay out your personal design and insert nails as you go; don’t worry if your lath wood hangs over the particleboard, it will be trimmed later

7. Use a jigsaw to cut smaller pieces to fit in smaller places

8. Once you have filled up your particleboard with your lath wood design, flip it so the particle is facing up

9. Use the jigsaw to cut around the particleboard’s perimeter to cut off the excess lath wood

10. Once all the excess has been trimmed, flip it over and admire your perfectly trimmed piece of art

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