Message Wall Mural

Message Wall Mural

Use Designer Kenneth Wingard’s simple instructions to make an inspiring decal wall.

5 col

Message printed on a wall decal sheet — any size to fit your wall space
Rubber squeegee
Tape measure
Painter’s tape


  1. Measure the length and the height of the wall where the decal will be placed and mark the center point of the wall with a pencil. This will be where the decal is centered in later steps
  2. Decide how much of the wall you want to be covered with the decal. There is no right or wrong size. Make a note of the width and height that you decide upon
  3. Using a word processer, type up the message you want for your wall mural. Vary up the font and sizes for an added design element. Save the file as a .PDF and take it on a USB flash drive to your local print shop for it to be turned into a wall decal. Let the print shop know you want the burnishing* side on the front of the letters. Also let the print shop know the size of the decal from your measurements in Step 2

*Burnishing refers to the process of rubbing the surface of a decal so it transfers to the wall.

Applying the Decal:

  1. The decal comes with three layers: waxy paper on the front, the vinyl text in the middle and thick paper on the backside. While keeping all the layers together, cut the paper with the decal into individual strips for each line of text. This will make it easier to apply the decal to the wall in sections rather than all at once
  2. Take the bottom line of text and center it on the wall using your pencil mark from Step 1. If it’s a long strip, individual words can be cut out to make it even easier to manage. Use painter’s tape to hold it in place and a level to make sure it’s straight


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  1. Starting at one end, peel the backside paper off of the decal letters, exposing the adhesive backing and pressing the letters firmly to the wall. Once the decal is in place, apply pressure with a rubber squeegee in an up-and-down motion starting at the center of the decal and working toward the edges to make sure it’s securely adhered the wall

  1. Carefully peel off the top paper layer, leaving the letters in place. If a letter starts to lift off the wall, place the paper back over it and reapply pressure with the squeegee to secure it. You can also use your fingers to press the letter down without the paper over it

Tip: Check for air bubbles in the lettering. If you see one, use a squeegee directly on the letter to press it out. Start at the center of the letter and move to the outer edges. Repeat as needed for all bubbles

  1. Working up the wall, position the next row of text above the previous row following Steps 5 to 7. Continue until all the rows of text are in place

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