Milk Jug Side Table

Milk Jug Side Table

Easily transform an old-fashioned milk jug into a unique, custom side table.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

One milk jug
White spray paint with primer
Desired color for stencil
Letter stencil
24” diameter round pine tabletop
Silicon adhesive
Heavy-duty gloves
Safety glasses
Fire extinguisher


1. Spray paint the milk jug white color with primer. Let dry for 30 minutes

2. To give a rustic look, slowly glide the blowtorch across the top and edges of the round pine tabletop. Put on safety glasses and heavy-duty gloves.

Design Tip: Instead of using a blowtorch, you can paint the tabletop using a wood stain. To use stain, paint with normal brush and remove excess with dry rag


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3. Center the letter stencil to the milk jug, and tape it into place. Using the second color and a sponge brush, paint (using a blotting technique) the letter onto the milk jug. Let dry for 1 hour

4. Apply silicon to the top of the milk jug

5. Center the tabletop, and place it onto the silicon on the top of the milk jug

6. Allow to dry for 24 hours

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