Mirror Memories Wall Clock

Mirror Memories Wall Clock

Reflect on times gone by with a stylish clock made from a mirror and wood photo blocks.

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Difficulty: Easy

29"-diameter glass mirror with a pre-cut ½" hole in the center
23"-diameter glass mirror with a pre-cut ½" hole in the center
Clock kit with 8" large hands
(12) pre-made 5½" × 5½" × 1" wood photo blocks (Can be purchased online)
(4) 1" × 4" × 4" lumber
(12) 1"-diameter double-sided, self-stick spacers
World map between 20" and 24" in height
Mirror Mastic in caulking dispenser
Spray adhesive
Epoxy glue
Painter’s tape
Drill with a Phillips head bit
(2) Picture-hanging hooks
3' Picture wire
(4) ¾" Wood screws
Cardboard, pre-cut to 18"-diameter circle
Marker pen


Preparing the 29 " Mirror

1. Place the 29" mirror face down on the work surface. Place four 1" × 4" × 4" lumber on the back of the mirror at top, bottom and each side. Secure in place with epoxy glue. Allow glue to dry for about 30 minutes or until the blocks are secure. These four lumber blocks will raise the glass mirror off the wall and allow space for the clock kit battery compartment

2. Apply a small amount of epoxy glue to the front of the clock kit battery compartment, making sure to stay clear of the raised mechanism. Place it on the back of the mirror with the raised mechanism inserted through the center hole of the mirror. Temporarily hold in place with a piece of painter’s tape while the glue dries

3. Mark the 12 o’clock point on the edge of the mirror with a marker pen so it will still be seen once the mirror is turned over. This mark will be used as a guide in later steps. The 12 o’clock point will be located on the edge of the mirror, straight up from the top of the clock battery kit. Once it’s marked, turn the mirror over

4. Place (12) 1"-diameter double-sided, self-stick spacers onto the front of the mirror in a circle about 5" from the clock mechanism in the center. The distance doesn’t need to be exact; they will never be seen. The spacers will act as a slim cushion to help prevent cracking once the second piece of glass is added on top in later steps

Preparing the Map and 23 " Mirror

5. Lay the world map face up on the work surface. Place the 18"-diameter cardboard circle on top of the map. Position it so the parts of the map you want to keep are under the cardboard. Trace around the cardboard with a pencil. Remove the cardboard, and cut out the circle on the map

6. Turn the circular map over. The center point of the map will be 9" from the edge of the circle. Use a ruler to measure from the edge to the center, and draw a pencil line all the way to the other side. Measure from a second point, and draw a second line so it crosses through the first line. Measure an additional two lines for a total of four lines. The place where all four lines meet is your center point. Make a small hole with the tip of a pencil through the center point of the map

7. In a well-ventilated area, apply spray adhesive to the back of the map. Adhere the map to the front of the 23" mirror, lining up the hole in the map with the hole in the center of the mirror. Smooth out any creases or air bubbles with your hand, starting at the center and smoothing out to the edges

Expert Tip: Place the tip of the pencil through the hole in the map to help line it up with the hole in the mirror. When you feel the pencil engage with the hole in the mirror, you will know the map is positioned correctly and can press down.


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8. Turn the 23" mirror face down on the work surface. Apply a generous amount of Mirror Mastic to the back of the mirror using the caulking dispenser

9. Locate the 12 o’clock mark on the edge of the 29" mirror from step 3. This mark will be the guide for placing the 23" mirror. Turn the 23" mirror over, and carefully center it on top of the 29" mirror so the top of the map is lined up with the 12 o’clock mark. Make sure the raised clock mechanism through the center of the 29" mirror also passes through the center of the 23" mirror and map

Adding the Photo Blocks

10. Twelve wood photo blocks will be attached to the 29" mirror to represent the 12 numbers on a clock face. Choose a photo block, and place it on the 29" mirror at the 12 o’clock position. The bottom edge of the block should touch the edge of the 23" mirror, and the top edge will hang over the edge of the 29" mirror

11. Place a second block in the 6 o’clock position, a third at the 3 o’clock position and a fourth at the 9 o’clock position

12. Place the remaining eight blocks around the mirror to correspond with the remaining clock numbers

13. Remove the photo blocks one at a time, paying attention to which part of the block is resting on the mirror and which part is hanging over the edge of the 29" mirror. Apply Mirror Mastic to the section of the block that was touching the mirror. Press the block back in place. Repeat for each block. Allow Mirror Mastic to dry for at least two hours or until the blocks are secure

Adding the Clock Hands

14. Attach the clock hands to the raised mechanism, following the instructions with the clock kit for placement

Adding Hanging Hardware on the Back of the Mirror

15. Place the mirror clock face down on the work surface. Position a hanging hook on one of the side 1" × 4" × 4" lumber blocks from step 1 at the top of the block. Secure in place with two ¾" wood screws using a drill with a Phillips head bit. Repeat to add a second hanging hook on the other side lumber block

16. Pass approximately 6" of picture wire through a hanging hook. Loop it back on itself and twist it around the long end of the wire to secure it in place. Repeat with the free end of the wire on the opposite side to create a wire hanger

17. Hang the mirror clock on the wall using a picture hook with a minimum weight capacity of 30 pounds that is appropriate for your wall finish. Check with your local hardware store for best options

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