Mixed Brick Fireplace

Mixed Brick Fireplace

Update an existing brick fireplace by painting the bricks to create a wall art installation.

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Difficulty: Easy

Latex paint –matte – gray
(3) Latex paint – semi-gloss – colors of your choice
1” Sponge roller
(3) 1” – 2” Paint brushes
(4) Small paint trays
Painters tape
Craft knife
Plastic “For Sale” sign



1. Measure the height and width of a brick in the fireplace and make a note of the measurement. On the back of the plastic “For Sale” sign, use a ruler and pencil to draw a rectangle using the height and width measurements. It doesn’t need to be perfectly placed on the sign, just eyeball the center

2. Using a craft knife, carefully cut out the rectangle. Add painters tape around the outer edges of the sign and the edges of the rectangle to complete the brick template (See image below)


3. Pour the gray matte paint into a small painters tray and dip the 1” sponge roller into it, covering just the edges

4. Align the sharp edge of the roller wheel with the existing grout between the bricks and paint it. It doesn’t matter if you paint onto the brick a little bit, just be sure that the grout is fully painted. Paint all the grout between the tiles with the roller and allow to dry for 1 – 2 hours before moving onto the next step (See images below)


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Tip: Using matte paint for the grout will help preserve the look and feel of the grout and provide contrast to the bricks that will be painted in semi-gloss


5. Pour your three semi-gloss paints into three separate paint trays. Pick one color that will be your primary color, in this case it was the lightest color, cream, and dab paint onto each brick that is around the opening of the fireplace. The light color will highlight the arch

6. To help decide which color to paint each brick, apply daps of paint to each brick as a guide. Keep both sides of the fireplace symmetrical with the color choices. If you dab an edge brick with one color, dab the corresponding brick on the opposite edge of the fireplace the same color. Have fun with it; there is no right or wrong way to paint the bricks. You can always repaint a brick a different color later on if you don’t like your original choice (See image below)

7. To paint a brick, place your brick template over a brick and hold it in place with a couple of tabs of painters tape. Carefully paint the brick the color that you marked it in the previous step (See image below)

8. Remove the template and place it over another brick that’s not directly next to the freshly painted brick. You want to give freshly painted bricks about 10 minutes to dry before putting painters tape onto them. The template can also be partially placed over smaller edge bricks (See images below)

Tip: If you start with your template near the bottom of the fireplace and work up, you will avoid needing to place painters tape onto wet bricks

9. Bricks can also be painted free-hand in addition to using the template. You can also free-hand any touch ups you might need to do

10. Continue painting the bricks in the colors you have chosen until they are all painted. Be sure to paint the side bricks too following the same pattern

11. Once all the bricks are painted, paint the mantle the same light color as the fireplace arch to make it pop too

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