Mixed Media Art Collage

Mixed Media Art Collage

Use Designer Kim Myles’ instructions to make a decorative, artsy collage from mixed media.

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This project creates a mixed-media decoupage art piece that will be on the wall.

Mixed media (foreign newspapers, magazines, etc.)
Personal photos
Decoupage glue
Graffiti ink markers
1/4-inch plywood (measured to fit the wall space)
3/4-inch finishing nails


  1. Tear up sections of mixed media into many small pieces. Utilize colorful portions and visually appealing features like advertisements. There is no true method here, be random and it will come together when you decoupage it in the next step
  2. Apply decoupage glue using a paintbrush to the first area of plywood where you will begin. Continue adding glue to the plywood as you lay your media down
  3. Put pieces of mixed media down over glue and apply more glue on top with paintbrush. Keep going until entire piece of plywood is covered in media

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Tip: Leaving excess glue lines on media adds texture when dry. This is a good thing!

  1. Allow the glue to dry
  2. Lay out your plan for personal photos to be placed over the multi-media decoupage
  3. Apply decoupage glue using a paintbrush onto multi-media where you will add photos
  4. Put photos down in planned positions and apply decoupage glue over top with paintbrush. Allow the glue to dry
  5. Draw over media/photos with graffiti ink markers as you desire. Make it artsy
  6. Once the graffiti markers are dry, seal the entire art project with one more layer of decoupage glue using paintbrush. Allow the glue to dry
  7. Attach to your wall inside of Murphy bed when opened hammering 3/4-inch finishing nails into each corner

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