Modern Profile Frame

Modern Profile Frame

This project frames a special family photo to match the colors and feel of any room.

5 col


24” x 36” pre-printed picture (Any picture printed on canvas; get pre-printed and assembled at any print shop)
(4) 1 x 2 wood lumber (measured at 1” x 2” x 28” and 1”x 2” x 40”)
White paint
Foam rollers
Paint tray
(4) Small wood lumber 4” longer than photo (measured at 3/4” x 3/4” x 28” and 3/4” x 3/4” x 40”)
Metallic copper paint
Foam brush
Wood glue
Handsaw with 18” blade
Miter box
Nail gun
Brad nails


1. Paint the four of 1 x 2 pieces of wood lumber white with the paint rollers. Let dry for 10 minutes

2. Paint the four smaller lumber pieces in the metallic copper paint using the foam brush. Let dry for 10 minutes

3. Attach the copper pieces to the white pieces by applying wood glue to the back of the copper pieces and attaching together

4. Use clamps to hold the copper and white pieces together. Apply the clamps to each copper/white set and let dry for 20 minutes


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5. Next, in order to size down the wood lumber pieces to the size of the pre-printed photo canvas, line up the cooper/white pieces to the edges of the canvas and mark a 45-degree angle from each corner

6. Line up the marked 45-degree angle on each lumber piece in the miter box which will help cut a clean 45-degree angle. Use the handsaw to cut along the marked angle until it comes off completely

7. Next, apply wood glue to the 45-degree angles on the four copper/white frame pieces and connect to one another

8. Use the nail gun to insert 2 brad nails in each corner in order to secure the corners from the outside

9. Secure the inside of the frame with 2 brad nails on each of the four sides

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