Moroccan Lanterns

Make simple Moroccan lanterns with a custom design that will warm up any room.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Various glass jars (e.g., mason jars)
Battery-operated candles
Latex gloves
Metallic fabric paint in various colors
Candlestick holder/wooden stands (optional)
Clear glass mirror-effect spray or gold spray paint
Gold fabric caps
Quick-grab adhesive


1. Put on latex gloves. Spray the clear glass mirror-effect inside the jar – you can spray only the bottom, half of the inside or the entire inside. Then use the metallic fabric paint to create your design. Hold the jar by the top lip so the inside can dry while you paint the design on the outside

2. If you prefer not to use the mirror-effect spray, you can also spray gold spray paint inside each lantern


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3. Continue to create the desired design with fabric paint. You can also add gold fabric caps as accents. Simply add quick-grab adhesive to the gold cap and adhere it to the lantern

4. Once you’ve achieved the desired look, let the lantern dry for an hour

5. Insert a battery-operated candle. Display on candlestick holders or wooden stands if desired

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