Mudroom Storage

Mudroom Storage

This project creates much-needed space while providing ample storage.

5 col


Repurposed bookshelf
Back of panels from bookshelf
Foam Roller
Paint tray
Wallpaper paste
Grass cloth wallpaper
Squeegee knife
(6) 1” Wood screws
(4) 1½” Dry wall screws
Coat hook
(6) Small baskets
Repurposed console table


1. Remove the shelving from the bookshelf

2. Adhere wallpaper paste to the bookcase back panels in thin, even layers. Use the roller and make sure to apply the paste all the way to the edges of the panel

3. Stretch out the grass cloth as much as possible without ripping, and lay it over the panels containing the wallpaper paste. Start from the middle and push outwards to remove air bubbles. You can also use the squeegee to help get any air bubbles out while smoothing down the grass cloth

4. Place the four panels back into the two bookcases (two in each bookcase) by bending and inserting


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5. Secure the panels into the back of the bookcase using a drill and 1” wood screws into the latch. There will be 6 latches total; 2 where the top of the bookcase and back panels meet, where the two back panels meet, and where the bottom of bookcase and back panels meet

6. Position the two bookcases where you want to place them against the wall. Be sure to have enough space for the console table to fit between them. Anchor the bookcases in place with brackets connecting the top of the bookcase to the wall using a drill and 1½” dry wall screws

7. Locate the center between the bookshelves to determine where to place the coat hook, and mark with a pencil

8. Place the coat hook on the mark from step 7. Use the level to ensure it is straight, and screw in place

9. Place the console table between the bookcases, underneath the coat hook

10. Put the shelves back in the shelving unit, and arrange the baskets in the console and bookshelf

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