Nail Head Credenza

Nail Head Credenza

Transform a regular credenza into an eye-catching furniture highlight.

5 col


Nail-head trim from upholstery shop
Decorative nail heads
Rubber mallet

Needle-nose pliers

3" painter’s tape



1. Remove the credenza doors

2. Map out the design by placing the first two strips of nail-head trim diagonally across the credenza door, creating a big X. Use painter’s tape to hold the first two strips in place

3. The nail-head trim has holes every five nails. Use a rubber mallet or a hammer covered with painter’s tape to secure the decorative nail heads into place through the holes in the trim

Designer Tip: Hold your screw with needle-nose pliers to hold in place while you tap with the hammer or rubber mallet

4. Once the first two strips are nailed in place, adhere painter’s tape along the secured nail-head trim to create a consistent pattern. Apply nail-head trim and tape until pattern is complete

Designer Tip: Continue the nail-head trim around the edge of the credenza door to enhance the pattern

5. Once you have placed all of the nail-head trim, prepare to carefully peel off painter’s tape to reveal the pattern

6. Carefully peel off painter’s tape 

7. Reattach the doors to the credenza

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