Nautical Platform Bed

Nautical Platform Bed

Create a pier platform bed from some pieces of pine wood.

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Feel like you’re sleeping seaside with this adorable bed frame made to look like a pier.

1-foot-by- 6 foot pine planks (see measurements below)
(4) 4”x4” pine blocks (cut to 17 inches)
Wood glue
Nail gun
Clean paint sticks
Impact driver
2 1⁄2-inch deck screws
8x2-3/8-inch Trim head screws
Pistol grip clamps
100-grit sandpaper
(2) Old, dry cloths
Gray interior latex paint
Disposable paint container
Twin-sized mattress



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  1. Have all of the wood you will need for this project cut for you at a local hardware store at the time of purchase. To accommodate a twin size bed, you will need the following:

(14) 1x6 pine planks cut to 44 inches
(3) 1x6 pine planks cut to 84 inches
(4) 4x4 pine blocks cut to 17 inches

  1. To build a box frame use two 44 inch and two 84 inch pieces of the 1-by- 6 planks. Start building your rectangular box by applying the wood glue to the ends of each board and placing the four, glued edges together. Be sure that all of the glued edges are aligned. Drive the 2-1⁄2- inch deck screws into each corner edge of the rectangle. Before you apply the screws, use a speed square to ensure that each corner is square (perfect right angles)
  2. Apply a bead of wood glue to the ends of the last 84 inch 1-by- 6 board and insert it directly in the center of the frame you built, lengthwise. Secure the 84 inch 1x6 to the inside of the box frame, by driving the wood screws through the outside of the frame, into the ends of the 84 inch board
  3. With the frame now assembled, you will construct the top of the platform. Place the 44 inch 1-by- 6 slats, one-by-one, on the top of the frame width-wise. As you place the slats, place the paint stick, standing on its side, in between each slat to ensure you get equal spacing. Drive two of the trim head screws into the left and right edges of each slat, securing them to the edge of the box frame. Continue until all the slats have been spaced appropriately and secured to the frame
  4. Once the platform has been constructed, flip it upside down onto its topside to add the legs. Use the cut 4-by- 4 pine blocks to create four legs that will be attached to the platform. Place the four legs flush in each corner and secure them with the pistol grip clamps
  5. With the legs fitted snug into each corner, drill two 2-1⁄2- inch deck screws through the frame, into the corner sides of each leg using the impact driver. Be sure to stagger the screws so that they do not bump into each other inside of the leg. Once the legs have been secured, flip the bed onto the newly fashioned legs
  6. Using the sandpaper, smooth down all of the cut edges of the platform bed and remove any splinters that may exist. Once sanded, use the old, dry cloth to wipe away the sawdust that was created during the sanding process
  7. Once the sawdust has been wiped away, create a gray wood stain by mixing two parts water and one part of the interior latex paint in the disposable paint container. Test the darkness of the stain on a piece of scrap wood and slowly add more paint or water, depending on how dark you’d like the “pier” to be
  8. With the stain created, put on the gloves and use the second dry cloth to apply the stain to the pier bed. Be sure you wipe along the grain of the wood pieces to guarantee the stain is applied evenly and smoothly. Once the entire piece has been stained, allow it time to completely dry. If you’d like, you can opt to paint the bed using your choice of interior semi-gloss paint
  9. Once the pier bed has had time to completely dry, move it into position on the constructed boardwalk. Dress the platform with the twin-sized mattress, pillows and bedding to complete the comfy bed


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