Nesting Coffee Tables

Nesting Coffee Tables

Use Carpenter David Leon’s simple instructions for creating dual coffee tables.

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Using planter boxes and tabletops create nesting tables at two different heights for a two-tiered coffee table.

2-foot Diameter dark stained circular tabletop
3-foot Diameter dark stained circular tabletop
(2) 13 1/2-inch Dark stained round wooden planter boxes
(12) 1 1/2-inch Screws
Flat white indoor/outdoor spray paint
Drill with a Phillips head bit
Tape measure
120-grit Sandpaper


Creating the base:

  1. The planter boxes will be repurposed as the bases of our tables. Both of the planter boxes are identical, standing 13 inches tall. To allow the tables to be nesting tables, one of the planter boxes needs to be cut to 11 inches tall. On one box measure a line all the way around, 2 inches below the top
  2. Use the handsaw to carefully cut along the line. Make sure that you are cutting on the line! Smooth down any rough edges left over with the 120-grit sandpaper
  3. Put on your mask and in a well-ventilated area, spray paint both of the planter boxes with the flat white indoor/outdoor spray paint. Apply a second coat if necessary. Allow the boxes to dry

Attaching the tabletops:


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  1. Flip the 3-foot tabletop over. Find the center point and mark with a pencil
  2. The 3-foot tabletop will be paired with the uncut 13-inch tall planter box. Most planter boxes have a hole in the bottom of the box to allow water to escape. Use this hole to line up the center mark on the table and the 13-inch tall planter box. (If there is no hole in the planter box, drill a hole so you can properly line it up)
  3. Using your drill with a Phillips head bit and (6) 1 1/2-inch screws, secure the base of the box to the base of the bottom of the table, keeping the center point in view through the drainage hole at all times

  1. Repeat steps 4 to 6 with the 2-foot table the 11-inch tall planter box
  2. Once both tables are finished, they can be arranged in a space where the 2-foot table can nest under the 3-foot table

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