Nicole Gibbons’ 5 Must-Haves for a Well-Styled Coffee Table

Nicole Gibbons’ 5 Must-Haves for a Well-Styled Coffee Table

Design expert Nicole Gibbons discusses how to achieve the perfectly decorated coffee table.

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Styling your coffee table with just the right accessories is one of the easiest ways to give your table a layered, personalized and pulled-together look. Here are my five must-haves for creating a stylish coffee tablescape that's just as picture perfect as the ones in your favorite glossy home decor magazines!

1. A Decorative Tray
Adding a decorative tray to your coffee tablescape is more than just a style statement, it's also quite functional as it serves as a useful tool for controlling clutter. It is also an artful solution for arranging interesting and personal objects together in a group.

2. A Natural Element
I always love adding in a natural element to a coffee table to give it life. Whether it's a plant, seasonal cut branches or a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers, adding a natural element is sure to add color and vibrancy to your tablescape.


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3. Books
I absolutely love decorating with books. It not only adds interest to your coffee table, it also keeps guests entertained when you have visitors. Find some coffee table books lying around your home and arrange them in stacks with your larger books at the bottom and the smaller ones on top.

4. Varying Heights
Add visual interest by making sure that the objects arranged on your coffee table vary in height. For example, place a tall natural element next to a short sculptural element with a medium-sized stack of books.

5. A Sculptural Element
Bring in an object or two with a unique shape to add a sculptural feel to your coffee table. Whether it’s an actual sculpture, a figurine, an interesting bowl or even a scented candle in an unusual vessel, incorporating a sculptural object will add subtle drama and high style to your coffee table. 

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