Nicole Gibbons’ 5-Step Gallery Wall

Nicole Gibbons’ 5-Step Gallery Wall

Use design expert Nicole Gibbons’ 5 simple steps to create a gallery wall.

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Displaying a collection of artwork or photography in your home is one of the most meaningful ways to personalize your space. Whether you have a collection of photographs, fine art or an eclectic mix of pieces, one of the most impactful ways to display your wall art is in a gallery style arrangement. Here are 5 of my steps for creating the perfect gallery wall:

Step 1: Choose the frame that suits your style.
Traditional gallery frames are either black or white and are paired with white mats but you can use any type of frame that suits your style. If you're going for a more uniform look, keep the look of your frames consistent. For a more eclectic approach, mix and match your frames but tie them together with matching mats. 

Step 2: Determine your composition.
Before you begin hanging your wall, you'll want to determine the perfect layout. Do this by arranging your artwork on the floor and play around with different arrangements until you achieve the perfect look. It's easiest to start by placing your anchor piece in the center and arranging the rest of your photos around it.


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You also want to consider your spacing. I like to leave a little room to breathe in between each piece so I recommend spacing your works 4-6 inches apart. If you prefer a tighter arrangement you can leave less space just make sure to measure so your spacing is uniform.

Step 3: Take a picture to remember your layout.
Once you determine the arrangement you like best, snap a photo to remember the general placement of each frame before you hang them.

Step 4: Measure your wall.
Measure the size of the wall you want to fill and mark your center point at an eye level height which is roughly around 62 inches.

Step 5: Hang your art.
Use picture hooks or nails to hang your frames on the wall and start by nailing your anchor frame into the center mark. Begin arranging the rest of your pieces around it as you previously planned out on the floor, using your photos for reference until your gallery wall is complete!

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