Nicole Gibbons’ Holiday Card Advice

Nicole Gibbons’ Holiday Card Advice

Home Made Simple expert Nicole Gibbons shares her timetable for holiday cards.

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Ah, the holidays! The most wonderful time of the year and also the time when we engage in the age-old tradition of sending holiday cheer to family, friends and colleagues in the form of greeting cards.

But when is the appropriate time to send out your cards during the holiday season? You should aim to have your cards addressed and ready to go immediately following Thanksgiving. Prior to thanksgiving is too early and two weeks before the holiday should be your drop deadline.

Delivery is slower during the holiday season due to the high volume of package shipments and, if you have cards going a long distance, it could take up to two weeks so you want to allow as much time as possible for your cards to arrive. 


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If you haven’t started thinking about your holiday greetings yet, now is the time! And if you’re a procrastinator and can’t quite get it together before the holidays, you can always send Happy New Year cards! It’s just as thoughtful and still lets your recipients know you’re thinking about them this holiday season. Plus, you have the entire month of January to get those out!

For more holiday card etiquette tips visit Nicole’s blog, So Haute.

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