No-Sew Patchwork Rug

No-Sew Patchwork Rug

Combine several rugs in a variety of patterns and colors to create Boho Chic–style décor.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Rug pad
(11) Rug samples in a variety of patterns and colors (completed rug size is approximately 8" × 10")
Fabric knife
Plywood or cutting pad
Rug tape


1. Lay the rug pad in the center of the room. Using the lines on the floor as a guide, arrange samples in a rectangle in whatever pattern you desire, staggering the patterns (e.g., solid, pattern, solid, pattern)


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Expert Tip: Balance negative space and positive space (pattern vs. solid), and avoid laying solids next to one another

2. Use a T-square to mark overlapping edges, and remove with a fabric knife. Be sure to use the plywood as a cutting board to protect the flooring

3. Secure the rugs in place by applying rug tape to all four corners and the center of each rug. Repeat until all rugs are taped to the rug pad

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I would love to try to make this patchwork rug. My daughter has Cortical visual Impairment and sensory processing disorder seizures due to rare genetic rare genetic disorder called CDKL5. This would help with therapy

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