No-Sew Skirted TV Stand

No-Sew Skirted TV Stand

Create a decorative skirt for your TV stand with designer Nicole Gibbon’s instructions.

5 col

Looking for a creative way to cover up your TV stand? For a decorative skirt, try these instructions by designer Nicole Gibbon.

Measuring tape
Rectangular TV console
Sewing chalk
Fabric glue
Decorative trim (optional)
Staple gun & staples


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1. Measure the height, width and depth of your TV stand. (In our case, the stand is 15” deep, 46” tall, and 56” wide.)
2. Measure out five panels of fabric. You will want to have two panels for each side of the console, two front corner panels to hide the edges of your console that will peek out otherwise and one long panel that goes from the floor in back over the top of the console down to the floor in the front of the console. Make sure to leave a 2” hemline around all four sides of each panel.
3. Cut out your fabric panels according to your measurements. Here are our measurements:
Long panel (50” x 111”)
Side panels (2)(19” x 50”)
Front corner panels (2)(12” x 50”)
4. Mark your 2” hemline on the backside of your fabric using chalk and a yardstick. The hemline should be 2” in, around all four sides of each panel.
5. Use an iron to smooth out all the wrinkles on each panel. Fold the hemline down around all four sides and iron the hemlines flat so the folds are creased and well defined. Apply fabric glue into the newly ironed creases. Fold the fabric flat, creating a “sewn” hem.
6. Add decorative trim with fabric glue to the bottom of your panels by running a bead of fabric glue along the bottom hemline of your front panel and two side panels. Press the trim into the glue and let dry.
7. Staple your side panels to the top of the TV stand, on the actual surface where the TV sits and not just to the side edges. Place a staple every 2”, securing the panel in place. Make sure to line up the bottom hemline of the panel so it is level with the floor.
8. Repeat step seven for both your corner panels.
9. Drape your long front-to-back panel over the console, making sure that the hemline is level with the floor. (This panel will cover all of the visible staples.) Staple the panel to the back of the console only. These staples will hold the panel in place and will be hidden when the console is up against the wall.

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