Ombre Credenza

Ombre Credenza

Use Designer Nicole Gibbons instructions to add some pop to an old credenza with an ombre effect.

5 col

120-grit Sandpaper
Primer paint
Satin latex paint (3 shades of one color)
Paint rollers


  1. Remove the handles from your credenza drawers and then remove the drawers from the credenza. Keep the handles and the hardware as they will be reattached later
  2. Sand down the faces of the drawers with 120-grit sandpaper. Lightly sanding the faces of the drawers will allow our primer to adhere better and more evenly
  3. In a well-ventilated area, spray the faces of the drawers with primer and let dry
  4. We will be painting each level of drawers (bottom, middle, top) a slightly different shade of your chosen color. Using the lightest color of your latex paint, paint the faces of your top drawers with a paint roller. Now use your medium color shade to paint the face of the middle drawers. You will want to use a new roller for each color of paint. Lastly, use your darkest color to paint the face of your bottom drawers

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  1. Let the paint dry and then reattach the handles
  2. Finally, put the drawers back in the credenza

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