optical illusion photo art

Optical Illusion Family Wall Photos

This project gives a fun, stylish twist to family portraits.

5 col


No-wrinkle rubber cement
Straight edge or ruler
(24) 1" × 24" 90-degree or “L”-shaped trim, spray painted black
Wood glue
Measuring tape
Pencil or pen
(2) 24" × 24" Headshot or portraits
22" × 33" lumber (for backboard)

Tip: Make two copies of each picture – if you make a mistake with one, you 'll have a backup.


1. Flip over the first 24" × 24" headshot or portrait to the blank side. Use a ruler to mark every inch and number it with numbers 1 through 24. Mark dashes all the way down so you can make straight cuts through the picture

2. Use a ruler and blade to cut the picture into 24 slices, using the marks made in Step 1. Use a ruler to guide your blade so your slices are evenly spaced to 1" all the way down. Make sure to cut in the proper order starting with number 1

3. Apply a thin coat of no-wrinkle rubber cement to one side of a piece of 1" 90-degree trim. (When applying rubber cement to the remaining trim pieces, make sure to glue the same side as this first piece.)

4. Adhere portrait slice number 1 to the glued side of the 1" trim. Make sure to organize your finished trim pieces by number. It is very important that you apply the slices in the same orientation so that the portrait will appear when all the pieces are together

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all 24 slices of the first portrait are glued to the 24 trim pieces. Again, it’s very important that the first portrait slices are glued on the same side on the trim so it makes a clear photo as shown below

Designer Tip: It helps the drying process if you place the glued slices upside down so they dry flat on the trim – but remember the order!

6. Follow steps 1 through 5 for the second photo. Glue the slices to the other side of the 90-degree trim

7. Once both portraits are adhered to the 24 pieces of trim, glue the trim to the 22" × 33" backboard. Apply a liberal amount of wood glue in a horizontal line on the backboard as shown below. Then adhere each piece of trim in the appropriate order

8. Let dry for one hour

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