Orchid Terrarium

Bring subtle greenery to any room by planting orchids in a chic container.

5 col


An assortment of rocks or pebbles
Glass cleaner
Various moss kit
Orchid food
Wire cutters
Potting vessel
Aerated potting mix
Water in spray bottle
Gardening gloves
Gemstones (optional)


1. Clean the inside of the potting vessel with glass cleaner

2. The first layer of the terrarium will be rocks and pebbles; you can also add gemstones if desired. The rocks help prevent overwatering the orchid

3. Soak the sheet moss from the various moss kit and in a small bowl of water for a few minutes

4. While the sheet moss is soaking, put on your gardening gloves and use your hands or the trowel to add a layer of aerated potting mix to the terrarium

5. De-pot the orchid. Remove the soaked sheet moss from the water bowl and wrap it around the exposed roots of the orchid. Wrap the wire around the sheet moss to securely attach it to the orchid’s roots

6. Cut off the excess wire with the wire cutters. Insert the orchid into the vessel

7. Decorate the orchid’s surroundings with the desired amount of moss

8. Mix the orchid food with water and insert into the spray bottle. Spray the orchid with the solution

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