Ornate Nightstands

Ornate Nightstands

Dress up your nightstand with ornate details using carpenter Amy Devers’ instructions.

5 col

Nightstand with drawers
Electric sander with 120-grit sandpaper
Painter’s tape
Spray paint and primer in one — satin, choose a main and accent color
(4) triangular table feet top plate and screws
Drill with 1/16-inch drill bit
(4) 6-inch wood table feet
Tape measure
Roll of textured wallpaper
Permanent spray glue
(2 per drawer) decorative wood trim — width of drawer panel with 45-degree mitered corners
(2 per drawer) decorative wood trim — height of drawer panel with 45-degree mitered corners
Small box 1-inch finishing nails


  1. Remove the drawer knobs and put to one side. Remove the drawers from the nightstand. Use an electric sander with 120-grit sandpaper to remove any finish and rough up the surface on the drawer fronts and the nightstand body. This will allow for paint to grip the surfaces in later steps

  2. Use painter’s tape to protect the inner ledges of the nightstand and behind the drawer fronts from spray paint. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the nightstand body, drawer fronts, wood trim, four wood table feet and the table feet top plates. Allow paint to dry, and then apply a second coat of paint

Adding Table Feet:

  1. Turn the nightstand onto its top. Place a triangular table leg top plate 1 inch in from each corner. Using the pre-drilled holes in each plate, drill pilot holes into the wood using a drill with a 1/16-inch drill bit. It’s OK if one of the holes is overhanging and there is nothing to drill into. Attach each plate to the wood using their accompanying screws

  1. Screw the four table feet into the plates, and then turn the nightstand right side up. Note: The plates are pre-threaded in the middle. They are a standard size that fit all table feet

Adding the Wallpaper, Trim and Knobs:


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  1. Use a tape measure to get the width and height of the raised panel of each drawer front. Use these dimensions to cut pieces of textured wallpaper to the same size. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the wallpaper strips in your accent color and allow paint to dry

  2. Mask off the edges around the first drawer panel with painter’s tape to protect it from spray glue. Apply spray glue over the panel and press the wallpaper down on top of it. Remove the tape

  1. Lay the pre-cut trim on top of the drawer panel so each side is flush with the outer edge and the mitered corners are aligned. Hammer three finishing nails into each piece of trim to hold it in place

  1. To add the drawer knobs, carefully poke a small drill bit through the existing holes from the previous hardware and through the wallpaper. Push your new knobs into the holes and fasten it in the back with its accompanying hardware

  1. Repeat Steps 6 to 8 for each drawer. Once all the drawers are finished, put them back into the nightstand

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