Our Favorite Design Challenges – and How We Solved Them

Our Favorite Design Challenges – and How We Solved Them

Check out our solutions for cluttered kitchens, A-frame living rooms and more.

Behind every great makeover is a greater design challenge. That’s what motivates us every day, meeting new families, seeing where they’re stuck and helping them transform the house they live in into a home they love. See how we solved four tricky scenarios – and find inspiration for your next DIY project!

Challenge 1: Cluttered Kitchen

Put everything in its place.

Mary Sanchez is the loving matriarch of her family – and in her kitchen, it showed. Our team helped restore her space after years of wear and tear, and crafted storage solutions to help with the clutter, including a kitchen island, spice rack and mail organizer.

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Challenge 2: Oddly Shaped Room
Solution: Use every corner.

Have you ever struggled to decorate an oddly shaped space? That’s exactly the challenge the Crocketts faced with their A-frame living room. We helped them make the most of every corner with a brand-new workstation, horizontal lighting, kid-friendly wall art and a macramé wall hanging.

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Challenge 3: Intimidated by Color
Solution: Find the right balance.

Sometimes you just need someone to help you cross the finish line. Since the Ayers family was busy writing a book and raising twin girls, they had yet to complete the paint job in their living room. We stepped in and helped them get where they wanted to go with a head-turning accent wall and DIY décor.

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Challenge 4: Not a Kid Anymore
Solution: Sophisticate your space.

Alexis is a hardworking young woman, but her bedroom was stuck in her teenage years. We took her space from sporty to sophisticated with a platform bed, new color scheme and handcrafted décor.

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