Oversized Wipe Board

Create a full-wall erasable wipe board to organize tasks, make lists and leave messages.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Large, predrilled Plexi sheet cut to size (30" wide × 60" or 72" tall)
Measuring tape
Metal spacers
2" screws
Torpedo level


1. Measure where the Plexi sheet will be centered on the wall, and ensure that it’s level

2. Use a marker to mark the holes in the Plexi sheet

3. Peel off the protective coating

4. Secure the Plexi sheet to the wall using nails and spacers. Place the spacer behind the glass, insert the screw through the Plexi sheet and the spacer, and drill into the wall

Designer Tip: Placing the spacer behind the glass gives the board a floating effect

5. Repeat until all holes have been secured


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