Painted Memorabilia Board

Painted Memorabilia Board

Create a clean, chic board for displaying photos and other mementos.

5 col


24" × 36" corkboard
1" washi tape
(3) colors of acrylic paint (dusty blue, blush and white)
(3) small paint trays
(3) small paint rollers
Corkboard tacks


1. In this project, the washi tape will act as a painter’s tape. The designer will paint the corkboard in three colors of acrylic paint, leaving one portion blank. Use the washi tape to mark off the designated areas for the different colors. 

2. Pour the three acrylic paints into separate small paint trays and paint the desired areas with the small paint rollers

3. Let the paint dry for 30 to 45 minutes

4. Remove the washi tape from the corkboard

5. Add memorabilia


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