Painted Pillows

Painted Pillows

Make one-of-a-kind decorative pillows to spice up any space.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Fabric, 2 pieces per pillow – measure the pillows as you desire
Masking tape, 2–3 different widths
Fabric paint
Paper plates
Sponge brushes
Sewing machine
Needle and thread
Pillow inserts
Rubber gloves (optional)


1. Lay out pillow cases on a flat surface, and tape it down to so that it will not move (tape all four sides)

Designer Tip: Once the tape is down, make sure it’s pressed down against the fabric tightly so that the paint does not seep underneath and affect the pattern.

2. Create a pattern with the two different sizes of tape

3. Once pattern is created, use the sponge brush to completely cover the pillow with fabric paint. Allow to dry for 3 hours

4. Once dry, carefully peel off the tape to reveal the pattern

5. Place the designed pillow front over another piece of fabric, and cut out a back for your pillow

6. Use the sewing machine to sew the pillow closed on 3 sides with the pattern facing inside

7. Flip the pillow inside out so that the pattern is now showing on the outside

8. Stuff the pillows with pillow inserts into the open side

9. Sew the open side closed with the sewing machine

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