Painted Potted Plants

Create custom dual-colored painted planters for all your indoor plants.

5 col

This project creates stylish planters for any indoor plant.


Any size assortment of planter pots
Two different colors of paint
Large or small rubber bands
(2) Foam paint rollers
(2) Paint tray
(2) Paintbrushes
Clear acrylic sealer spray (ultra-fast drying)
Latex gloves
Plant food
Wood chips
Mother-in-Law’s Tongue plant and/or succulents (depending on the size of pot)


1. Decide which color will be the base color – this will be the color of the lines. Pour this base color into a paint tray, and use a foam paint roller to paint the entire pot. (You don’t have to paint all the way inside, just the inside lip.) Set aside and let dry for 20 to 30 minutes

2. Wrap small or large rubber bands around the pot. The lines should not be perfectly straight. You can also overlap the bands if you like

3. Fill the bottom layer of the pot with wood chips

4. Mix plant food with the soil and fill the pot halfway with the mixture

5. Transfer the Mother-in-Law’s Tongue plant into the pot and add soil/plant food mixture to the lip of the pot

6. Pour the second paint color into a paint tray, and use a clean paintbrush and foam paint roller to paint all around the pot. Seal the paint with clear acrylic sealer spray

7. Once the pot is completely covered with the second color, let it dry for 20 minutes (or overnight if you applied two coats of paint). Use scissors to cut off the rubber bands. Add a final layer of wood chips on top of the soil if desired

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