Paneled Headboard

Paneled Headboard

Update a repurposed panel headboard with a fresh coat of paint and upholstered panels.

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Difficulty: Easy

Repurposed panel headboard
High gloss paint – Color of your choice
4” Paintbrush
Paint tray
Rubber mallet
9’ Fabric –Color and pattern of your choice
Batting ½” thickness
Staple gun with staples
Point-nose pliers
Marker pen
Small box 1” Wood nails



1. Using a rubber mallet, carefully hammer out all eight panels from the headboard. Focus on the edges of each panel rather than hammering directly in the middle. The panels will be attached to the headboard with staples

2. Remove the staples from the panels with point-nose pliers. Put the panels to one side for upholstering in later steps

3. Paint the headboard with two coats of high gloss paint, allowing the paint to dry between coats (See image below)


4. Spread out the fabric, face side up, so you can see the pattern. Place a large panel over the fabric, lining it up with a part of the pattern you like. For example, centered over a floral element

5. With a marker pen, draw a 2” border around the panel. Move the panel along the fabric and draw around the panel again, also leaving a 2” border. Repeat until you have four panels marked out on the fabric (See image below)


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6. Cut out the four marked out areas of fabric with scissors and set to one side

7. Place a piece of ¼” batting over the large panel and cut it to the same size as the panel with scissors. Cut an additional three pieces of batting, one for each large panel

8. Turn a piece of fabric from Step 6 face side down and center a piece of batting then a panel over the top of it

9. Pull the excess fabric over the edge of the panel and staple in place. Repeat on the opposite end and then each side. This will stop the fabric shifting on the panel. Fill in the gaps, spacing the staples every 4” – 5” (See images below)

10. At each corner, pinch the fabric into a point and staple each side of it to the panel. Flatten the points and staple them to the board (See images below)

11. Repeat Steps 8 to 10 for the remaining three large panels

12. Repeat Steps 4 to 10 for all four small panels


13. Once all eight panels are upholstered, lay them out on a flat surface, as they would be attached to the headboard. This is so you can see the fabric pattern across the panels and make sure they’re in the correct order

14. Take one panel at a time and press it into the back of the headboard, following the same layout from Step 13. The panels will be a little more snug than before the fabric was added. You can gently use a rubber mallet to help nudge the panels into place (See image below)

For additional security, hammer 1” wood nails through the edge of the back panels and into the bedframe. Space the nails every 6”-9”

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