Parsons Table

Parsons Table

Follow designer Kim Myles’ easy instruction to create a tropical parsons table.

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In this project we take an assembled table and screw a table top to the legs, then add eyehooks and rope to bring in a unique and tropical feel to the room.

2 side tables (unassembled)
Drill with 3/4-inch drill bit
2 1/2-inch dry wall screws
Phillips head bit
(4) Eye hooks 3/4” by 3”
White, nylon rope 1/2-inch gauge – 16 foot long
2 1/2-inch decorative metal rings
Standard lighter


  1. Assemble one of the side tables according to manufacturer’s instructions
  2. Turn the assembled side table upside-down so that the legs are facing up
  3. Take the table top from the second unassembled table and place it top down on the bottoms of the legs of the assembled table
  4. Screw the unassembled table top to the legs using your drill and one 2 1/2-inch dry wall screw per leg. Because we are using two of the same unassembled tables, we can use the holes that have come predrilled as guide holes. They will line up perfectly with the legs that are already installed on your assembled table
  5. Flip the altered table back over. Use your drill bit to drill pilot holes for the eye hooks, a 1/2 inch in from each corner. These pilot holes only need to be about 1-inch deep
  6. Screw your eye hooks into the pilot holes in each corner until no part of the threads of the eye hooks remain. Each eye hook should be resting at a 45-degree angle from the corners
  7. Thread the nylon rope through the eye hooks making two full passes around the tabletop


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  1. Put one of your decorative metal rings on one end of the excess rope and tie a knot around it. Do the same with the other end and the second ring

  1. If not already outside, take your table outside. Using a lighter, bring the flame close to the end of the rope to melt it into place to prevent the rope from fraying. Do not let the flame touch the rope

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