Pass Thru Shelves

Pass Thru Shelves

Arrange plants, mementos and other décor with this eye-catching pass thru shelving!

5 col


Spring Green paint
Paint tray
(2) Paint brushes
(4) Decorative trim molding (6” L)
Nail gun
(2) Shelves (1” x 8” X 48”)


1. Paint the decorative trim molding in the Spring Green paint

2. Use the level to line up the decorative trim moldings on the desired area on your wall


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3. Nail the trim into the wall with the nail gun and brad nails

4. On the opposite wall, measure the same height the trim molding was placed in step 3. Repeat steps 2-3 until all 4 moldings are in place

5. Set the first shelf on the decorative trim molding, making sure the back of the shelf is flush with the wall. Use the nail gun to secure the shelf to the trim molding. Repeat for the second shelf

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